Why Open Source?

In building products, we often find ourselves solving problems we aren't particularly interested in ever having to solve again. Building libraries is our way of taking our solutions, and making them available to as many developers as is possible. Once the problem is moved out of a thousand dark corners and into the open where it can be argued about, played with, and fought over, it can be ultimately solved.

By open sourcing our technology, we have discovered bugs, learned new tricks, and helped numerous developers to build better apps. Beyond that, the open source model of clean interfaces and high quality documentation has informed how we build software.

It's our great privilege to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem of technology the internet is built upon. Any contribution, however small, that solves a problem or creates an opportunity moves us forward.

Creating open source software for us is also about finding great people to work with. We are engineers, and understand that the best work is done when the creators have the freedom to build the right product in the right way. We also believe in engineers owning their part of the product or infrastructure completely. Finally, we take a lot of pride in having a supportive yet silly culture. If you are interested in building software in Boston or Dublin, we are interested in speaking with you.

Please take a moment to explore what we have created so far. Reach out with your questions or contributions, open source is all about engaging, and so is HubSpot.

Open Source Projects