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About the Facewall

In 2011, HubSpot had fewer than 200 employees. By 2013, this number had more than doubled.

To maintain its small-company feel and startup culture, HubSpot decided to put a digital wall of faces in its lobby and on the web. The display in the lobby rotates through faces of different HubSpotters, and the online version lets you search for people you work with. There's even a Facewall Game which you can play to challenge yourself to see how well you know the people you work with.


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Setting up the Facewall.

The Facewall is a Brunch app. Please refer to their documentation for general setup, configuration, and deployment. You can also find more information in the README on GitHub.


  • First thing you'll want to do is change some variables (like company_name) in the following files:

  • Next, you'll want to configure employees.coffee with either a URL or USER_JSON string. The format of the JSON needs to be the following:

                 "id": 1,
                 "createdAt": 1282254176000,
                 "email": "aschwartz@hubspot.com",
                 "firstName": "Adam",
                 "lastName": "Schwartz",
                 "role": "Principal Software Engineer"
            // ...


Facewall is a Brunch app. To run it with no authentication simply run the following:

brunch watch --server -p PORT

If you want to use SSL, you'll additionally need to set up stunnel. See the Stunnel README for more information.


See Brunch's guide on deploying.

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Facewall Game