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Higher-order-components (from here on out referred to as HOCs) have become an increasingly popular pattern in react applications. They offer a better encapsulated alternative to mixins and are compatible with classical or stateless component declarations. Popular libraries like react-redux and recompose use HOCs to augement react components with special behaviors.

Unfortunately to date when using HOCs, each decorator adds another component layer to the render tree. A component that applies 2 HOC behaviors will have 3 instances in the tree. A component that applies 3 HOC behaviors will have 4 instances in the tree. And so on and so forth. As we continue to push the limits of React, these additional instances can have a meaningful impact on performance in our applications.

react-decorate is intended as a simple framework for creating composable and efficient HOC decorators. Any number of react-decorate HOCs can be appied to a component while only adding 1 additional component instance.