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Creating props

At their most basic, react decorators can create one more more new props and pass them down to the base component.

import { makeDecorator } from 'react-decorate'

const counter = () => {
  return {
    displayName() {
      return 'counter';

    nextProps(props) {
      return {
        count: 0,

const counterDecorator = makeDecorator(counter);

counter is a factory that returns a decorator object. A decorator object can have several different fields but only displayName and nextProps are required. nextProps's first argument, props, is either the props that were passed to the HOC or, in the case of a composed decorator, the result of the previous decorators.

displayName is a function that returns a string identifying the decorator in the HOC's displayName.

Now if we decorate a component with counterDecorator, it will receive a prop named count with a value of 0.

const ClickCounter = counterDecorator()(
  ({count}) => <button>{count} clicks!</button>

Now if we render ClickCounter like...

<ClickCounter />

It's markup will look like...

  0 clicks!

Next up

Learn about transforming props and adding propTypes by adding a defaultCount prop to our HOC.